Gamme de services SKAN1 évaluation intégrité tiers en relation d'affaires & investigation

Our Compliance, Purchasing & CSR solution

Skan1 allows you to meet your Sapin 2 legal obligations with the greatest foresight :

  • Clarify or complete your mass screening operations
  • Choose the appropriate level of evaluation according to the issue at stake
  • Prioritize efficiency and performance over exhaustiveness

Skan1’s Supplier Portfolio Desk: an operational solution to verify the integrity of your suppliers

Rigorous and reliable audits on 5 continents

You want to verify the integrity of a supplier, a distributor, …

Skan1 has designed a range of evaluations adapted to all the situations you may encounter, depending on the nature of your counterparties, their location or the level of stake in the case.

Our analysts, based in France and abroad, verify, cross-check and analyze the information collected on your subjects in public sources and in the field. Thanks to our network of 250 accredited experts, we intervene on a worldwide basis in various contexts to help you clarify, clean up and objectify your relationships with your partners.

Delegate the evaluation of third parties to compensate for a lack of resources or to reinforce your teams and save time

Whether you simply need single or batch evaluations, or want to delegate extensively with our Supplier Portfolio Solution, we take care of each requested due diligence from A to Z.

For each topic, we provide you with a clear and complete deliverable, including our exclusive SKAN-R compliance rating, operational recommendations and details of the sources used.

Whether you are an SME or a Global Group

Skan1’s offer combines the best of technology with a high level of human expertise. Our methodological approach, our willingness to standardize, our proprietary algorithms, and the use of reasoned artificial intelligence allow for significant productivity gains.

This allows us to offer extremely competitive rates to bring integrity assessment within the reach of SMEs and SMIs that have understood its necessity, and to offer solutions to large groups that wish to complete their systems.

Feedback in Compliance

Business Cases

Why use the Compliance, Purchasing & CSR solution

The solidity of a recognized expertise, transparency and simplicity in addition

SKAN1 expert en due diligence / évaluation d'intégrité des tiers (partenaires fournisseur client distributeurs) conformité Sapin 2

01. Robustesse de l’analyse

Nos études sont réalisées par des consultants aguerris et experts dans leur domaine. Ils s’appuient sur un cahier des charges précis qui a fait ses preuves auprès de nos clients.

02. Transparence des tarifs et du mode opératoire

Dans un environnement aux pratiques souvent opaques, nous revendiquons la transparence la plus complète sur notre méthodologie, la façon dont nous travaillons et le prix de nos prestations.

03. Confidentialité et sécurisation des données

Skan1 est une solution française, nos équipes sont basées à Paris et nos serveurs sont hébergés en France. Notre plateforme répond aux exigences les plus élevées en termes de confidentialité et de sécurisation des données.