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As part of a restricted call for tenders, this client wishes to validate the profile of one of the participants about whom serious rumors are circulating. Our SKAN-5X solution allows to “clear” this participant and to reveal a possible destabilization maneuver of a direct competitor at the origin of the rumors.

Context of the mission :

Having just launched a call for tenders, the client is warned by one of the participants that one of the other bidders, with whom he already has a trustworthy relationship, would have dubious practices and would be in the grip of several major disputes. The client wants to see more clearly and to be sure of the veracity of these statements, and this within a limited deadline considering the procedure in progress.

Result of our investigations :

Our investigations clearly show that the reported elements are unfounded, even malicious. The in public sources research and the discreet in the field interviews in the close environment of the subject certify on the contrary his excellent reputation. They do not point out any element of alarm likely to remove him from the competition.

Benefit for the client :

Our findings allow the client to validate the bidder’s profile in question within the given time (less than 15 days). Moreover, the malicious and dubious behavior of the competitor who accused him leads to disqualify him for the current tender.

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