Service évaluation d'intégrité des tiers loi Sapin 2 & investigation conformité et compliance

SKAN-5X assessment

An in-depth risk analysis including the main related parties with several field interviews, from 5 650 € tax excluded.

  • When and why use SKAN-5X
  • Specifications

When and why use SKAN-5X ?

A comprehensive 5 dimensional approach including major related parties and networks


Consolidation and enrichment of the legal argument through a detailed study of the other party

Thanks to the 5 dimensions of analysis and its wide range of sources, SKAN-5X allows our clients and their advisors to benefit from a subject profile of unparalleled depth. Factual and probative information gathered and used to complement their own work, often essential to perfect a case in complex situations..

Business case

In order to preserve its reputation, this customer uses SKAN-5X to clarify the attacks of which is the object in the media one of its participations…

Exemple mission skan1 Evaluation Investigation Background Check Diligence Risque Integrite Conformite Ethique 06 Contentieux Atteinte Reputation Destabilisation Qui Est Bresil


Detailed profile of strategic partners or those perceived to be at risk

SKAN-5X provides a complete detailed profile, including the main related parties, based on public sources and 3 to 4 discrete field interviews in the subject’s environment. This 5-dimensional analysis is particularly recommended before any strategic agreement (supplier, service provider, customer, distributor, intermediary…) in the framework of a high-stake project.

It can also play the role of a complementary second-level investigation, essential for any strategic partner who has triggered an alert via a Sapin 2 mass-screening tool.

Business case

Within the framework of a restricted invitation to tender, this client wishes to validate the profile of one of the participants about whom worrying rumours are circulating…

Exemple mission skan1 Evaluation Investigation Background Check Diligence Risque Integrite Conformite Ethique 016 Compliance Appel Offres Reputation Rumeur Qui Tue Pologne

Business développement

Have a complete profile before committing with confidence, even in a difficult context

Thanks to its broad scope of sources, including discrete field interviews, and the depth of its 5-dimensional analysis (including related parties and networks), SKAN-5X provides an indispensable level of information before engaging with a strategic partner.

Business case

In the U.S., our client saves itself from a potentially devastating recruitment for its reputation and business with SKAN-5X.

Exemple mission skan1 Evaluation Investigation Background Check Diligence Risque Integrite Conformite Ethique 07 Business Development Appel Offres Reputation Etats Unis Expert Rien


Obtain a complete profile of the target and improve their negotiation skills

During the interim negotiations, or even during the verification period between signing and closing, SKAN-5X provides a comprehensive critical study based on digital public sources, local documentation and discreet field interviews conducted in the subject’s environment. This allows for thorough verification and, if necessary, helps to significantly strengthen the investor’s position at a crucial moment in the deal.

Business case

An LBO in France that could have gone wrong without the use of our valuation solution SKAN-5X particularly well adapted to the M&A practice…

Exemple mission skan1 Evaluation Investigation Background Check Diligence Risque Integrite Conformite Ethique 05 M&A Operation Effet Levier LBO Dirigeant Passion Secrete France

The SKAN-5X report in detail

Solid specifications adapted to all situations

Sources used

SKAN-5X studies are based on international and local public electronic sources, and a series of 3 to 4 discrete interviews with people in the subject’s immediate environment.

Our consultants, with the help of our artificial intelligence tool, search and analyze information from thousands of sources :

Open data (web, web 2.0, invisible web, …)

International databases (free or paying): corporates, PPE/PEP (Politically Exposed Persons), sanctions lists, press…

Local databases, free or not : corporates, PPE/PEP, sanctions, convictions, press…

This information is completed, if necessary, by research in local public sources that are not available in electronic format (physical access to the local Registry for example)

3 to 4 discrete interviews complete the process. Their objective is to challenge the information collected in the public sources and to obtain any useful information about the reputation and network(s) of the subject studied.

5 analytical dimensions

SKAN-5X studies are based on a five-dimensional analysis of the subject of the study, whether it is an individual or an organization. In this sense, the research and analysis dynamics aim to provide factual and accurate insight into the subject matter on the following major themes :

  • Identity and governance
  • Activities and operations
  • Reputation and Visibility
  • Key stakeholders (people and organizations)
  • Family, personal and professional networks

All of this is summarized in the exclusive SKAN-R® compliance score developed by our experts.

Service évaluation d'intégrité des tiers loi Sapin 2 & investigation conformité et compliance

The report

The results of each SKAN-5X assessment are provided in a clear and concise deliverable designed to provide a summary profile of the study subject and the level of risk associated with it. It includes the following key elements:

  • The proprietary SKAN-R® compliance score developed by our experts
  • An executive summary of the study
  • A summary and determination of the level of risk associated with the subject of the study
  • Our eventual recommendations
  • A 5-dimensional analysis (identity/governance, activities, reputation and visibility, related parties, networks)
  • A bibliographic record (sourcing)
  • Anonymized excerpts from the interviews conducted in the field during the intervention

Our reports are written in French or English, according to your specifications.

Deadlines & tariffs

SKAN-5X studies are delivered within 15 to 25 working days, depending on the delivery method chosen (urgent or standard)..

Their cost is clear and transparent according to the geographical area targeted by the study: from €5,650 excluding VAT (Zone A) for a standard delivery time.

SKAN-5X studies can be included in a framework contract to reduce your costs, or ordered in advance to obtain a % discount on volume.

Please note that according to your objectives and your sector of activity, the specifications of the SKAN-5X studies can be customized both in form and in content (notably by including specific evaluation criteria)

You can pre-purchase a certain number of studies in order to obtain a percentage discount on volume (by 5, 10 or 20). You can also order SKAN-5X reports via a framework contract to reduce your costs..

Why use Skan1 SKAN-5X report

The solidity of a recognized expertise, transparency and simplicity in addition

SKAN1 expert en due diligence / évaluation d'intégrité des tiers (partenaires fournisseur client distributeurs) conformité Sapin 2

01. Robustness of the analysis

Our studies are conducted by seasoned consultants who are experts in their field. They are based on precise specifications that have been proven with our clients and that they scrupulously respect.

02. Transparency of tariffs and operating procedures

In an environment where practices are often opaque, we claim and implement the most complete transparency on our methodology, the way we work and the price of our services.

03. Privacy and data security

The skan1 platform is a French solution, our teams are based in Paris and our servers are hosted in France. The secure part of our platform meets the highest requirements in terms of confidentiality and data security.