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In order to preserve his reputation, this client uses SKAN-5X to shed light on attacks in the media on one of its stake in Brazil. Is it a simple slanderous destabilization

Context of the mission :

L’une des participations minoritaires de ce client est régulièrement attaquée dans les médias. Il constate après quOne of this client’s minority stake is regularly attacked in the media. After some research, he notices that the primary source of these attacks comes from a freelance journalist. The client is questioning about his motivations as well as the veracity of his revelations with the idea to possibly bringing the case to court.

Result of the investigations :

L’étudThe study reveals that the journalist is personally involved in this case. Actually, his brother was fired from the company targeted by his articles. However, after investigation, it seems that many of the elements revealed in the various articles are based on real situations: it is clear that this is neither a simple personal vengeance, nor a fabricated destabilization operation.

Benefit for the client:

This client decides to initiate the process to getting rid of this participation which, even if it is a minority stake, becomes cumbersome for his company.

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