Too good to be true | Compliance

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Too good to be true | Compliance

A company based in Tanzania contacts our client to renew its industrial facilities. Our client uses SKAN-Check to ensure that the commitment of a business round with this “felt from heaven” prospect does not clearly breach to its ethics and compliance policy.

Mission Context :

Our client is approached by a Tanzanian company for the renewal of several elements of its production chain. The deal is worth several hundred thousand euros and requires a strong commitment from its technical and commercial teams.

Before to start any discussion with this prospect he does not know, our client wishes to obtain a first level of information on this potential partner. In particular, he wanted to ensure that he is not wasting his time and his teams’ time with a partner whose profile would be incompatible with his internal policies in terms of ethics and compliance.

Result of our investigations :

If the legal and operational reality of the targeted company is tested and does not present any major risk contravening a business relationship, it must be noted that its reputational aspects concerning that company raise the question.

From concordant press sources, it appears that the actual economic beneficiary of the company is in reality a particularly shady businessman involved in various trafficking activities.

Thus, according to several independent investigations (NGOs, local journalists, etc.) brought to our attention, it seems that the company’s funds are completely contaminated by dirty money.

In this sense, it cannot be excluded that this contract felt from the heaven is actually a money laundering operation.

Benefit for the client :

Our client renounces to enter into a business relationship with this company. His teams do not waste precious time with a prospect whose profile clearly breach all ethical and compliance principles.

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