Service évaluation d'intégrité des tiers loi Sapin 2 & investigation conformité et compliance

SKAN-3X assessment

A detailed risk analysis in 3 dimensions (Identity / governance, activity / operation, reputation / visibility) to exclude from the company the partners at risk, from 1 850 € tax excluded.

  • When and why use SKAN-3X
  • Specifications

When and why use SKAN-3X

An exclusive approach


Profile of partners perceived as low risk or non-strategic

SKAN-3X can be used to reassure oneself about the compliance and reliability of a partner perceived as low risk (compliance). It is also frequently used to evaluate non-strategic partners (suppliers, service providers, customers, intermediaries), both in France and abroad.

It can also play the role of crucial feedback on strategic partners that have triggered an alert via a Sapin 2 mass-screening system.

Business case

Before validating a new supplier in Croatia, our client calls SKAN-3X to reassure itself on its profile…

Exemple mission skan1 Evaluation Investigation Background Check Diligence Risque Integrite Conformite Ethique 012 Compliance Evaluation Fournisseur Gouvernance Fermeture Imminente Croatie

Business Développement

Filtering and getting to know your contacts better

The SKAN-3X assessment provides reliable information on the key points required to validate the profile (risk and compliance) of a prospect or intermediary (a business introducer, for example) before making contact or holding a negotiation meeting. It is also a valuable aid to “prepare” the actual exchange, especially in the case of high stakes.

Business case

Our client uses SKAN-3X to validate the profiles they need to meet during a commercial tour in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Exemple mission skan1 Evaluation Investigation Background Check Diligence Risque Integrite Conformite Ethique 03 Business Development Rendez Vous Strategique Reputation Carnet Bal Republique Democratique Congo


Validate a target upstream

The SKAN-3X service allows to identify and validate a portfolio of investment targets prior to an external growth operation, in particular internationally.

Business case

Our client uses SKAN-3X to screen its portfolio of M&A targets.

Exemple mission skan1 évaluation investigation background check diligence risque integrite conformité éthique M&A business development market entry réputation Inde

The SKAN-3X report in detail

Extended and adapted specifications for all situations

Source used

SKAN-3X studies are based on the exploitation of international and local public electronic sources. Our consultants, with the help of our artificial intelligence tool, search and analyze information from thousands of sources. This includes :

  • Open-data (web, web 2.0, invisible web, …)
  • International databases (free or paid) (corporate, Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), sanctions lists, press, …)
  • Free or paying local databases (corporates, Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), sanction lists, condemnation, press, …)

Dimensions of analysis

SKAN-3X reports are based on a 3-dimensional analysis of the subject of the study, be it an individual or an organization. The research and analysis dynamics aim at providing a factual and accurate insight into the subject on the following themes :

  • Identity and Governance
  • Activities and operations
  • Visibility and reputation

All this is synthesized in the exclusive SKAN-R® compliance score developed by our experts.

Service évaluation d'intégrité des tiers loi Sapin 2 & investigation conformité et compliance

The report

The results of each SKAN-3X assessment are provided in a clear and concise deliverable designed to provide a summary profile of the study subject and the level of risk associated with it. This includes the following key elements :

  • The exclusive SKAN-R® compliance score developed by our experts
  • A summary and determination of the level of risk associated with the study subject
  • A 3-dimensional analysis (identity/governance, activities, reputation and visibility)
  • Our eventual recommendations
  • A bibliographic record (sourcing)

Our reports are written in French or English, according to your specifications.

Deadlines & tariffs

SKAN-3X reports are delivered within 5 to 7 business days depending on whether you choose the urgent or standard option.

The price of the reports is clear and transparent, depending on the geographical zone targeted by the study, i.e. 1 850 € in zone A, 2 250 € in zone B and 2 750 € in zone C.

You can pre-purchase a certain number of studies allowing you to obtain a percentage discount by volume (by 5, 10 or 20). You can also order SKAN-3X reports via a framework contract to reduce your costs.

In the context of a framework contract, the specifications of the SKAN-3X studies can be adapted in form and content according to your objectives and your sector of activity (specific evaluation criteria for example).

Why use Skan1 SKAN-3X report

The solidity of a recognized expertise, transparency and simplicity in addition

SKAN1 expert en due diligence / évaluation d'intégrité des tiers (partenaires fournisseur client distributeurs) conformité Sapin 2

01. Robustness of the analysis

Our studies are conducted by seasoned consultants who are experts in their field. They are based on precise specifications that have been proven with our clients and that they scrupulously respect.

02. Transparency of tariffs and operating procedures

In an environment where practices are often opaque, we claim and implement the most complete transparency on our methodology, the way we work and the price of our services.

03. Privacy and data security

The skan1 platform is a French solution, our teams are based in Paris and our servers are hosted in France. The secure part of our platform meets the highest requirements in terms of confidentiality and data security.