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Am-Stram-Gram… | M&A

Our client uses our SKAN-Check évaluation service to sift its portfolio of M&A targets

Mission’s context :

Our client’s M&A department is considering the acquisition of a company in India : several target companies have been identified.

Before further mobilizing its internal resources, it wishes to remove companies whose profile is clearly incompatible with its risk and compliance policy.

They use our SKAN-Check evaluation service to enhance their M&A process and focus their efforts and resources on the least risky targets.

Result of our investigations :

The 10 leaded assessments on site for this client highlighte 3 targets with a positive profile, 4 targets with a neutral profile and 3 for which a business relationship should be excluded.

Benefit for the client :

Our client obtained the 10 requested risk studies within a short deadline.

Our exclusive evaluation score, the SKAN-R, allows them to compare the scores of the 10 potential targets.

As a consequence, the client can rank a classification by prioritizing his actions and optimizing its internal processes by focusing on the most promising and most honest targets, without wasting time with the 3 incompatible profiles identified throught SKAN-Check.

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