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Our Compliance, Purchasing & CSR solution

We meet the needs and expectations of compliance, CSR and purchasing departments. They call on Skan1 as part of their Sapin 2 system, often for sensitive cases in addition to the mass screening of suppliers.

Our litigation service

Skan1 provides support at the request of internal audit departments or legal departments and their advisors. Thanks to its investigative capabilities, it can gather factual and probative elements to support a case in progress.

Our Business Development solution

Risks of scams, fraud and denigrated reputation: our solution for sales and business development departments, especially internationally, who need to assess the integrity of their customers and partners.

SKAN-5X assessment


Starting at 5 650 € excl. taxes

A complete study that integrates related parties and subject networks in its 5 dimensions of analysis. It also includes 3 to 4 discrete field interviews as standard.

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SKAN-4X assessment


Starting at 2 850 € excl. taxes

An in-depth risk analysis to develop a detailed profile of a partner. It includes the identification and study of the main parties related to the subject.

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SKAN-3X assessment


Starting at 1 850 € excl. taxes

A 3-dimensional analysis (identity/governance – activity – reputation/image) allowing the removal of risky partners from the company.

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SKAN-Check assessment


A sigle rate of 1 700 € excl. taxes

A simplified verification system that allows for the assessment of major risks to the integrity of an individual or organization in a short period of time.

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