Gamme de services SKAN1 évaluation intégrité tiers en relation d'affaires & investigation

Our Business Development solution

Our solution to ensure the integrity of the partners selected to carry out your operations :

  • Validation of partners
  • Integrity reassurance on profiles
  • Optimization of evaluation process

An business operational solution to ensure the integrity of a partner

SKAN1 intervenes when you have insufficient information regarding the integrity of a partner, or when you doubt its veracity, to collect, verify and analyze it. Depending on the context (contract, jurisdiction, partner’s reputation…) SKAN1 is able to offer you the most appropriate service.

Validation of your partners

Keeping dubious partners (clients, intermediaries, etc.) at bay to protect your reputation and your business: this is generally a key issue for the business development team, which must ensure that it is working with honest and reliable counterparties.

Reassurance on high-stakes profiles

When the stakes are high, you need to obtain additional information: SKANX- allows you to widen the scope by working on the related parts of the subjects and to consolidate the analysis to clarify the grey areas on the sensitive profiles.

Optimization and success of operations

In-depth integrity due diligences frequently provide detailed warnings and alerts on the subjects studied. If they do not recommend breaking off or not entering into a relationship, their precise and well-founded recommendations allow you to adapt your systems to get the best out of the agreements you have concluded.

SKAN-5X extends its coverage to the subject’s networks and integrates discreet field interviews in his environment

Business Development Feedback

Business cases

Cécile Nzengu, Director of Operations Skan1

Sphere Business Development, expert advice

Conformite et compliance sur partenaire, tiers, distributeur au regard loi sapin2 pour les ouvreurs de porte - notion extraterritorialite pour Business Development

A strategic challenge for business development

As an unprecedented crisis is taking hold in a deteriorated global geopolitical environment, international competition between economic players is intensifying. In this context, the recruitment of a “well connected” local partner can clearly help.

Why use the Business Development Department

The solidity of a recognized expertise, transparency and simplicity in addition

SKAN1 expert en due diligence / évaluation d'intégrité des tiers (partenaires fournisseur client distributeurs) conformité Sapin 2

01. Robustness of the analysis

Our studies are conducted by seasoned consultants who are experts in their field. They are based on precise specifications that have been proven with our clients and that they scrupulously respect.

02. Transparency of tariffs and operating procedures

In an environment where practices are often opaque, we claim and implement the most complete transparency on our methodology, the way we work and the price of our services.

03. Privacy and data security

The skan1 platform is a French solution, our teams are based in Paris and our servers are hosted in France. The secure part of our platform meets the highest requirements in terms of confidentiality and data security.