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Our client avoids reputational risk with Skan1.

Mission’s context :

Our client, the company’s General Counsel, is involved in the sale of a Canadian subsidiary. Among the various offers received, the best bid comes from a businessman about whom he has doubts in view of the first sulphurous information found concerning his various companies and their ways of acting.

Wishing to avoid any reckless risk-taking that might tarnish the reputation of the multinational, he wants to verify this and learn more about this takeover candidate and his business behavior. He orders a Skan-3X report.

Result of our investigations :

Investigations carried out in public sources confirm the trend and quickly reveal notable elements of risk. In addition to his proven willingness to opacify the governance and the various activities of his structure, the manager is facing multiple accusations, some of which even lead him to court. Most often it is a question of fraud and embezzlement (in Europe and North America) as well as social breakage. However, this does not prevent him from continuing his activities.

The large number of companies dissolved or put into bankruptcy following the acquisition by the interested party suggests that he is adept at nebulous financial operations, always at the limit of legality and to the detriment of the companies acquired.

This negative reputation is supported by multiple media outlets in several countries.

Benefit for the client :

The use of the SKAN-3X evaluation allowed us to obtain the necessary elements to clarify the situation and to make an informed decision: our client decided not to pursue discussions with this partner with heavy liabilities and the company will therefore be sold to another buyer who is less attractive in financial terms but more compatible with its requirements in terms of ethics and integrity

Above all, it protects itself from a high reputational risk relating to future financial and social events that could involve the sold entity.

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