SKAN1 range of services

SKAN-5X assessment


Starting at 5 650 € excl. taxes

A complete study that integrates related parties and subject networks in its 5 dimensions of analysis. It also includes 3 to 4 discrete field interviews as standard.

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SKAN-4X assessment


Starting at 2 850 € excl. taxes

An in-depth risk analysis to develop a detailed profile of a partner. It includes the identification and study of the main parties related to the subject.

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SKAN-3X assessment


Starting at 1 850 € excl. taxes

A 3-dimensional analysis (identity/governance – activity – reputation/image) allowing the removal of risky partners from the company.

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SKAN-Check assessment


A sigle rate of 1 700 € excl. taxes

A simplified verification system that allows for the assessment of major risks to the integrity of an individual or organization in a short period of time.

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