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Notre client Grand Groupe évite une escroquerie à Hong Kong en Chine grâce à SKAN1.com

Our customer avoids a scam thanks to Skan1.ai.

Mission Context :

Our client, based in West Africa, wishes to set up a major photovoltaic project.

He is contacted by a sales representative of a Hong Kong-based company presenting itself as a world leader in the sector, active not only in China but also in the United States.

Before discussing further with this contact, our client wants to know a little more about this Hong Kong structure. In particular, he wants to be sure of its solidity and reliability and to verify the information provided regarding its track record.

Result of our investigations :

The Hong Kong structure presented by the alleged salesmen had no operational or capital link with the leading Chinese group in its sector, except for a vague resemblance in name.

It was probably a structure set up by swindlers using it to obtain payment for undue services. It is indeed very easy, fast and cheap to register a company in this territory.

Benefit for the client :

While it is not surprising that a large Chinese group would have a branch office in Hong Kong for its overseas operations, it can sometimes be difficult to verify the legitimacy of this type of structure and its links with mainland Chinese companies when no information is available in English.

Thanks to Skan1.ai, our client obtained the profile of this pseudo company within 7 days. He wastes no time and quickly removes it from his project to concentrate on more solid companies and more serious offers.

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