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Exemple de mission skan-Check évaluation investigation background check due diligence des risques intégrité, conformité et éthique - business development market entry réputation Etats-Unis

After having conquered Europe and Asia, a French SME (not subject to the anticorruption french law Sapin2) wishes to develop its activities in the United States. It resorts to SKAN-Check in order to validate the profile of the future manager of its local subsidiary…

Context of the mission :

Our client is looking to take hold into the US market and has identified a person with a profile that seems perfectly appropriated to the task. However, during the negotiations, slight inconsistencies appear in the speech of his interlocutor…

In view of the issues, our client wanted to be deeply reassured about the identity, activities and reputation of the potential candidate. He assignes SKAN1’s teams to perform a SKAN-Check.

Result of our investigations :

At the end of our assessment, although he does not present any major risk elements contra-indicating on entry into a business relationship, the profile of the subject studied seems ambivalent.

Indeed, his background and activities have been authenticated. Moreover, he appears, as our client sensed, as an “excellent business developer” with solid networks in his sector.

However, the review of the litigations involving the companies to which he is linked seems to highlight certain weaknesses in the administrative management of these companies.

Thus, if the profile of the studied subject appears indeed as suitable from a purely operational point of view (development and public relations), it clearly reveals that he should be supervised on the administrative aspects.

Benefit for the client :

In this sense, we recommend to our client, in case of recruitment, to be vigilant regarding the definition of his position and powers within the company and to make sure to add in the management team a CFO profile with solid skills.

This will allow him to launch his operation without any weakness in the team’s staffing.

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