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When our client suspects that his sales representative is also working for his direct competitor, our research highlight a story similar of a Hollywood blockbuster with a background of psychiatric problems… “Welcome to Fight Club”.

Mission Background :

Our client is concerned by the fact that one of his sales agent may also be working for the competition. Indeed, persistent rumors imply that he has been seen several times at trade shows or professional events on the booth of a company other than his own…

Result of our investigations :

Our investigations highlight the double life of the subject. He has effectively two jobs, two families, two houses, in two different regions. Our subject lives two lives and articulates them meticulously according to his business trips. The organization is such that it makes one think of a split personality, especially since his close entourage, in this case his two families, do not seem to know anything about each other…

However, contrary to our client’s suspicions, he does not work for the competition but for a company operating in another market. Thus, if he did not respect his contractual obligations by not informing his employer of his double activity, stricly speaking, he is not acting in an unfair manner, or against the direct commercial interests of the company.

Benefit for the client :

Based on this information, our client initiates a negotiation to smoothly break up with this somewhat special salesperson.

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