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In the wake of the audit of its Hungarian subsidiary, this client is questionning about several operations which, without being unethical or contrary to internal procedures, turn out to be very unprofitable… SKAN-5X reveals that the subsidiary’s manager is subject to strong external pressures and is now unable to make good decisions.

Context of the mission :

While the audit of its Hungarian subsidiary has just been completed, our client is informed by its audit team about the existence of several commercial operations which are quite regular but which seem economically and commercially meaningless. These operations were directly managed by the local manager of the group, who was previously considered as a high potential.

Facing with his silence and his unconvincing explanations, our client wants to receive some clear explanations before taking any HR or litigation action.

Result of our investigations :

Our investigations brought to light the extremely precarious situation of the subsidiary’s manager. This one, a fan of casino gambling, has contracted large debts with disreputable people and now struggle to pay them back. Among these creditors we can find one of the group’s local suppliers, who uses his status and the situation, to pressure the manager to sign contracts to his advantage.

Benefit for the client :

Based on this information, our client agrees on an arrangement to get rid of the local manager. He also discontinue the supplier in question whose practices are for the least reprehensible, and can be likened to a form of blackmail.

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