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For the purpose of a particularly profitable commercial operation with a Spanish company, this customer wishes to check in less than 24 hours if he is not a victim of a scam. He decides to use our SKAN-Check assessment service

Context of the mission :

This client is planning to acquire on a very short term, a stock of raw materials from a spanish trading company. Considering the highly advantageous conditions of the operation on one side versus the obligation of taking the decision of purchase rapdidly, he wonders if it is not a scam.

Result of our investigations :

The review of public sources concerning the company and its manager highlight their excellent reputation : they are visible and recognized for their niche activities in the raw materials market. Moreover, we do not noted any dispute or challenge concerning them.

Benefit for the customer :

Our client receive two risk studies less than 24 hours before his request: one concerning the company, the other about the manager. Fully reassured on their profile, he is able to make an informed decision on the planned investment.

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