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In Chile, this client resorts to SKAN-INVESTIGATION’s customized service to validate the ethics, reputation and local networks of a potential intermediary.

Mission Context :

This client is reflecting upon the recruitment of a new intermediary for its operations in Chile. As this person has a risky profile, the client wishes not only to validate his ethics and reputation, but also to verify the nature and consistency of his local networks.

Result of the investigations :

The study highlights a particularly rich and positive profile. However, the detailed review of the subject’s activities as well as the networks’ review quickly raises questions. Indeed, it appears that this “multi-card” intermediary also operates for one of the client’s competitors. Furthemore, his networks, essentially political are the result of family relationships which, while they do not categorize him as a Political Exposed Person (PEP), call for the utmost caution.

Client Decision :

This client renounces to resort to the services of this intermediary as it presents too many risks in light of the anticorruption Sapin-2 law guidelines.

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