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Our client uses SKAN-INVESTIGATION’s customized assessment service to unmask subsidiary managers suspected of overbilling fraud with suppliers.

Background of the mission:

Thanks to a whistleblower’s denunciation, our client learns that several of the senior executives of one of its subsidiary, should have potentially organized a large-scale overbilling scheme with a group of suppliers. He wishes to verify this allegations and to collect any evidence that would allow to confound the fraudsters.

Result of our investigation:

Our study highlights long-standing but real links between one of the senior executives and one of the suppliers :

This executive appears as a shareholder within an ancient general assembly minutes of one of the supplier’s companies.
The existence of a mutual company established in Poland is proved. In addition, it shows that this company is itself the unique shareholder of a company established in a Swiss canton.
The corporate review of the Swiss company, as well as mortgage research, point to heavy investments for the creation of a luxury hotel also established in Switzerland. This specific hotel is operated by two other structures managed by nominees.

Benefit to our client :

Our findings allow our client :

  • to understand the system and the redistribution of the profits between the different fraudsters.
  • to gather enough evidence to confound the fraudsters and to incite them to surrender

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