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Le risque d’éventuelles retombées négatives en termes d’image s’estompant, cela conduit notre client à poursuivre les discussions en connaissance de cause avant d’aborder les négociations de façon sereine en confiante compliance évaluation tiers loi sapin 2

Our client protects itself from any reputational risk thanks to Skan1 in the context of an investment project in France..

Mission’s context :

This client is considering investing in a financial vehicle owned by a group specialized in consulting and asset management in the field of new technologies and advanced industries.

Nevertheless, the name of one of the main leaders of the structure attracts attention: it made headlines in the media at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, when the Internet was beginning to take root in France.

Our client was wondering about the profile of the latter and his behavior in business relationships. In order to avoid any misstep that could jeopardize both his company and his brand, he calls upon Skan1 to obtain an in-depth analysis of this potential future partner thanks to the Skan-5X third party assessment framework.

Result of our investigations :

The detailed profile review of the executive highlights a former Politically Exposed Person (PEP), with a brilliant academic background and early career, but “animated” to say the least. Unconcerned about compliance with regulations and unscrupulous, driven by a thirst for success, he has been directly or sometimes indirectly involved, through family ties, in several well-publicized “affairs” of embezzlement.

The whole thing has contributed to severely degrading his name and his image, in France but also internationally. An unethical profile, therefore, a priori rather cumbersome, even if he escaped any judicial conviction.

At the same time, over the past fifteen years, the picture seems to have improved significantly.  The manager has become more relaxed and has left the pages of the media, except to highlight his world-renowned expertise.

According to the information gathered during the field interviews, in his recent activities as well as in his current functions, he is very intelligent and efficient in representing the interests of his sponsors, and this with complete transparency. He can rely on the dense and high level professional networks that he has developed and maintains on the 5 continents thanks to his unprecedented multicultural charisma, both on the economic and political levels.

Since the closure of the old cases and a few years of consecutive desert crossing, he seems to have “disappeared from the radar” and is no longer the prey of investigative journalists ready to sound the alarm. On the contrary, he is often described more as a leading expert and strategist, who would show sobriety and discretion in everything.

Benefit for the client :

The investor now has an enlightened vision of the situation: if the initial research certainly highlighted a risky profile given the sulphurous past of the person concerned, the elements relating to the last fifteen years testify to a real change of attitude in the manager.

He also distanced himself from certain dubious acquaintances, and made a radical selection of his close circle, including members of his family with a troublesome reputation.

The risk of possible negative repercussions in terms of image fading away, this leads our client to pursue discussions with full knowledge of the facts before approaching the negotiations in a serene and confident manner.

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